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Duping in the name of Former CM Kamat

Imagine the shock when former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat received a call from Congress MP Vijay Jawaharlal Dharda from Pune to confirm whether he received Rs 34 lakhs that he (Kamat) had requested to assist some Congress workers and relatives of tainted Haryana ex-minister Gopal Kanda.

The reason for the shock and surprise over the unexpected phone call from Darda stems from the simple fact that it was not Kamat but an impostor from Solapur who called Darda posing as Kamat. The impostor who is now in police custody in Mumbai had called up Darda on the landline of his New Delhi residence on October 9. First the impostor complained about some of Darda’s employees and than requested financial assistance for a group of Congress workers. He promised that the amount would be repaid on October 15.

The Kamat impostor later called up Darda at his residence in Mumbai reminding him about the assistance required. After having collected the sum, the conman took enough care to not call him back on the old cell-phone which he has discontinued.

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