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EC should take appropriate action against PM for giving a false affidavit: Cong

New Delhi, Apr 16 (GCCurrentAffairs) Claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has submitted wrong information in his affidavits over the years regarding a land owned by him in Gandhinagar, the Congress on Tuesday demanded that the DElection commission take appropriate action against Mr Modi under the representatives of peoples act.

Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson pawan Khera said,’’ Information in public domain and a PIL in the Supreme Court raise crucial questions on a piece of land that is ‘owned’ by PM Modi in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Deliberate discrepancies are seen in Mr Narendra Modi’s affidavit over the years on this ‘mysterious property’ . In the ownership of the plot declared by PM Modi in the PMO website , the area of the plot remains the same as declared between 2007 to 12. However, the address in the affidavit shifted , as earlier the address was plot no 411 which later became 401A.

Under section 125A of the Representation of People Act 1952, falsifying an election affidavit carries an imprisonment of 6 months or with a fine or both.

In the light of the above discrepancies, the Congress party demands that the Election Commission of India, takes thorough cognizance of the seemingly deliberate omissions in PM Modi’s affidavit and take appropriate action under the Representation of People Act.’’

Giving details, he said,’’in the 2007 affidavit, Mr Modi listed Plot 411 of Area 326.22 square metres. In 2012 affidavit, he listed Plot 401/A with a quarter of an ownership, but Area of plot is approximately same as of 2007 i.e 326.11 square metres. In 2014, affidavit, Mr Modi listed the same details as of 2012. On PMO Website in 2015, Mr Modi declared Plot 401/A with Area of the plot as 328.08 square metres- Same as the 2007 affidavit.

Shockingly, There is No such plot is listed as “Plot No 401/A” the Gujarat revenue department’s land records for Gandhinagar, but the same plot is listed in Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley’s 2014 affidavit.

Mr Jaitley listed himself as a “1/4th” owner of the same plot as the PM Modi—“Plot 401/A.” Mr Jaitley states in the affidavit that this land was alloted to him by the mamlatdar in Gandhinagar—an office under the district’s collector that is the custodian of land records. Publicly available land records state that Mr Jaitley is the present and sole owner of Plot 401. At the market rates currently prevailing in Gandhinagar, his share of the plot would be worth Rs 1.19 crore. The record is however, discordant with previous filings Jaitley made to the election commission of India. In a 2006 affidavit, Jaitley declared that he was the sole owner of Plot 401 in the same sector, measuring 326.22 square metres. Mentions of this sole ownership are missing from his election affidavit for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and the public declarations he filed as a Cabinet Minister.’’

Mr Khera said that land records of Gujarat’s revenue department, which are available publicly, showed Mr Modi as the current sole owner of the plot 411, and Mr Jaitley as the current sole owner of plot 401 and that there was no record of any plot numbered “401/A”

‘’Intriguingly enough, in 2012, while the Supreme Court was hearing an appeal regarding land allotments to government servants in Gujarat, & BJP leader, Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi, who was then the counsel for the state, submitted to the apex court that the Gujarat government had not made any fresh land allotments to MP’s/MLA’s or public servants since the year 2000. Then how did Mr Narendra Modi acquired this piece of land Gandhinagar? ,’’he asked.

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