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Eco-Sensitive Criteria Only for Pernem & Canacona: CTP

Chief Town Planner Morad Ahmed is reported to have stated that the criteria of demarcating eco-sensitive zones as published applies only to Pernem and Canacona talukas, whose plans are notified and for the rest of the talukas the same will be announced only after the land utilization plans are ready.
However, he reportedly admitted that 80 per cent of the land in the State has been earmarked as eco-sensitive zones either as Eco-I or Eco-II.
In what appears to be a contradiction, while asserting that the eco-sensitive criteria will be applicable only for the two talukas, he said that the Village Panchayat status of two categories will be applicable for the whole State.

In a statement that is bound to stir a hornet’s nest, Ahmad Morad reportedly said that his department could allow constructions as per the VP-I and VP-II status even in areas marked as eco-sensitive zones, since these zones are not listed or mapped as per the Survey Numbers.


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