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Eco-Tourism To Benefit Hoteliers: NGO

Eco-tourism concept as mentioned in the Goa Regional Plan 2021 is only a means to help hoteliers and aimed at benefitting speculative investors, opined Yatish Naik, Convener of Pilerne Citizens Forum even as 35 NGOs that met in Panjim on Tuesday resolved to agitate against this provision.
The NGOs alleged that the whole process of sending the Regional Plan to villages was a mere farce as the authorities have gone ahead and done whatever they wanted even ignoring the recommendations of the gram sabhas.

The NGOs that got the backing of the powerful Council for Social Justice and Peace, a church backed organization that gives it automatically access to all the villages, decided to launch an awareness programme for the next two months following which from February 2011 they will launch an agitation demanding that the Regional Plan 2021 be as per the wishes of the people and not the whims of the bureaucrats and politicians.
Yatin demanded to know from where the concept of eco-tourism came up as it has not been recommended by any village and further pointed out that the Korgao Gram Sabha’s recommendation to have a knowledge centre in the village is not reflected in the plan.
He however clarified that the agitation is not against the Regional Plan 2021 per se, but only against some of the anomalies as there are some good provisions in the plan which makes it a better plan than the notorious 2011 that was scrapped.

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