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Editors Guild of India condemns arrest of Arnab Goswami

Mumbai: The Editors Guild of India released a press statement on the arrest of Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-chief of Republic TV, in the early hours of Wednesday by the Mumbai Police. The police were said to barge into his home, cameras were forcefully turned off and he was physically assaulted and dragged out of his home in a police van.

Arnab Goswami was dragged by his hair and arrested. Mumbai Police Commissioner, Param Bir Singh’s cops shut off cameras and thrashed Arnab. They stopped Arnab from handing medicines to his parents-in-law and even physically assaulted his son. They refused permission for a written legal note to be put on record. Arnab was not served summons prior and not even allowed access to his legal team, as per the sources.

The videos of Arnab Goswami during the crisis are put up on Republic TV where he said, “They hit me. They physically assaulted me. I want to tell the people of India to fight for us.” He further said, “My son was beaten up.”

In a press release, the EGI expressed shocked to learn about the arrest of Arnab Goswami in the early hours of Wednesday by the Police and condemned the sudden arrest while finding it extremely distressing.

EGI called upon the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to ensure that Goswami is treated fairly and state power is not used against critical reporting by the media.

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