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Mr CM! What non-sense is this?

You have a bunch of villagers peacefully demonstrating against the atrocities of the government, mining companies and mining transporters by blocking the passage road on which the mining trucks ply. This action of theirs has been on account of the government order that does not allow mining trucks to ply on those roads after a particular time.

Since the police were being ineffective in conducting their sworn duty to follow government orders; the villagers decided to go about the government order in a peaceful yet effective way.
This did not go down well with the mining companies or the truck operators; so they got the Deputy Collector of Quepem, Agnelo Fernandes to get the police into action; the police on their part beat, dragged and dumped the poor villagers into the police van and claimed no knowledge about the government order while dismissing allegations of police brutality. This however, has been proved wrong as we at GoaChronicle.com has been able to upload the photographs and video footage of the police violence against the villagers.
Our repeated attempt to get hold of the Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat to get his views on the situation proved futile since he did not answers our calls.
It is no surprise to many; especially those living in the mining belt in Goa about the health hazards and most of all the environmental degradation on account of rampant non -regularized mining in the state. The spurt of illegal mines some run by the patronage of ministers in the Cabinet and ineffectiveness of the Opposition party leaders to keep the government in check on the mining issues; has only resulted in more lip-services at Assembly sessions but no change or control on the growth of legal and illegal mining in the state.
Villagers being affected by these evils will surely stand-up against it, since the heat around these issues and the patience levels have hit an all time high; the government will of course use its police might to keep these poor villagers in check and even resort to threats or intimidation, some might succumb but in the end when many more in Goa realize what is it that the villagers are fighting for and how important it is for the entire state; hopefully we will get more people on the streets and get the government both at the State and Centre to do something concrete  on these issues.
Mr CM, I was there when this incident happen. I did not see the villagers either act violent or force themselves on to anyone; the men, women and children were sitting quietly in the middle of the road; before the police force swooped down on them dragging and beating some of them. We even have footage – though not very clear but clear enough – to see the police dragging a woman in sari. Is this the justice you talk about and is this the government of the people; where 200 police personal round-up 95 villagers and resort to Lathi Charge on poor villagers who are upholding the order your government have issued, while your police force and Deputy Collector denies do nothing to uphold the government order but instead resort to such uncalled and inhumane acts.
GoaChronicle.com condemns such acts of police inefficiency and brutality and we demand an action to be taken.

Savio Rodrigues
  Founder & Editor

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