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Education is the key to bring about a change in the country

Pranav Khedekar is a resident of Goa. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications this year. Pranav currently runs an IT, Networking, Hardware business with his brother in Goa. He aims at pursuing a M tech degree and is preparing for The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). In conversation with Do you think we have growth opportunities in Goa?

Pranav: Goa being a small state there happens to be shortage of growth opportunities in the state. The rate of people getting well-paying job in Goa is considerably low. This is why people take education in Goa and then opt to move out of Goa in search of better job opportunities. What opportunities do you see in India?

Pranav: There are ample of growth opportunities in India for those who are willing to risk all that they have got. I firmly believe that for an individual to grow and flourish it is important to not hang on to one job for a long time. It stagnates ones growth. But there is a vast scope for start-ups in the country. If one has an idea and a vision to make India a better place, then the country is no short of opportunities. What do you see as a threat to the development of the country?

Pranav: The major problems facing the country today are illiteracy, and corruption, and the patriarchal mind-set of people. These are the major factors that have held India back from being a developed country. How do you think we can tackle the problems that the country is facing today?

Pranav: To tackle these problems I think we need to begin with changing our mind-sets. The regressive patriarchal mind-set acts as a hurdle to bring about gender equality and the development of the country that we are striving for. To change the patriarchal mind-set education institutions would play a vital role because change will be possible if the right kind of knowledge is imparted among children from a very early age. To make this a reality, teachers and children both will have to work collectively. With COVID-19 bringing the world to a standstill and schooling being done online it is very sad to look at the current education scenario. Students seem to have lost interest in learning. My mother is a teacher. I see her everyday struggle of conducting online classes and her efforts to keep her students engaged in the class. But this cannot be done single handed. Students also have to take equal interest in learning. It is only then that change is possible. Is India going in the right direction?

Pranav: India is a developing country. Though there are some things going wrong, we somewhere are heading in the right direction in terms of technology, start-ups, and motivated youth. Our youth is our greatest strength. They have the power and the will to be a part of the change that we want to see in the country.


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