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Eid Message to Irfan Pathan: Save Humanity is not about Save Muslims only

On this wonderful occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr let me take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to you and your family Irfan Pathan. May Allah bless you and your family with good health and peace.

I have fond memories of celebrating Eid with my Muslim friends of different nationalities growing up in Dubai. We had a bonding that was beyond our religious beliefs. These friends were from Pakistan, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bangladesh, UAE, and even Muslims from India.

I do not follow cricket. But I have read that you have had a fairshare of notable contribution to Indian cricket. You have acquired a celebrity status because of the support of the people of India and not only the Muslims in India.

So it took me by surprise and disappointment when I read this tweet of yours:

You state, “If you have the slightest of humanity you will not support what’s happening in Palestine.” This statement is a reflection of your biased mindset and religious bigotry.

Humanity is not defined by religion, caste or geographical boundaries. It defined by the simple truth that we are all born humans and are creations of God.

People of this world through their interpretation of God and through the understanding of the teachings of their Prophet or Messiah or Sage have developed their own different names to call God, God. God however is only one – a universal consciousness.

So if Palestinian Muslim is a human, so also an Israeli Jew is a human.

Unfortunately, you seem to see only the sufferings of the Palestinians not the pain of Israelis because in your religiously perverse mind, your understanding of humanity stops at the person being a Muslim, because the other, a Non-Muslim is a Kafir. You are therefore restricted in your display empathy or sympathy to the pain of an Israeli Jew because you do not feel empathetic or sympathetic to the plight of the Israelis.

Having spent considerable time studying  global cases on Religion, Conflict and Peace and researching on dealing with global crisis arising out of religion. I am willing to openly state that you will not even have the intellectual prowess to understand the complexity of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Galtung so beautiful stated, ‘Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the absence of violence in times of a conflict.’ Right now is the time for peace building measures both in Israel and Palestine.

In a conflict, terrorism and violence often raises its ugly head to prey on innocents on both sides of the warring wall. In defending each other’s religious and territorial identity, it is innocence that is often lost in these battles.

There is no right or no wrong in a conflict, there is just loss of lives in violence. Therefore it is better to act as a peacemaker and not a piece maker.

You saw the pain of your Muslims sisters and brothers in Palestine, Irfan. But you failed to see the pain and sufferings of your fellow sisters and brothers in West Bengal. Are you an Indian or a Palestinian?

You did not see the pain of the men and women who have been killed and raped in West Bengal because though they are connected to you through our Indian roots, you prefered to listen to cry of your Muslim sisters and brothers in Palestine, who may not even care about who you are and may not even play cricket so might not even know who you are.

I suppose according to you, your ears only has the ability to hear the pain and sufferings of your religiously connected family. The pain and suffering of your nationality connected family is not audible because of its faulty genetic wiring due to your myopic understanding of your own religious beliefs and the essence of humanity.

Celebrities like you are a disappointment. I cannot understand the reasons behind why you sow the seeds of hate and division based of your selfish desires and lack of understanding of religious based conflicts. You are not a peacemaker at all but some one who would take pleasure in piece making. Your understanding of humanity is a warped as a terrorist from Kashmir thinking that a fight for Azad Kashmir is about taking lives of Kashmiris and destroying Kashmir.

I pity you because you think you know the truth about humanity because of your religion but you are ignorant of the real meaning of humanity.

Celebrity Muslims like you must work towards bridging the divisions caused by religious bigotry and not act to pander to religious bigotry.  On this Eid, I earnestly pray that Allah blesses you with wisdom to understand humanity in its true essence.

Savio Rodrigues

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Goa Chronicle


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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