Ekvott To Perform In Goa In June

Commissioner for NRI Affairs Eduardo Faleiro informed that ‘Ekvott’, a group of Goan artistes based in Portugal formed more than two decades ago, has been invited to perform in the state as well as country in the month of June.
The group consists of about 20 musicians, singers and dancers. They will perform in Panjim on 3rd June, in Margao on 4th June. Ekvott will also perform in Bangalore on 7th June, Mumbai on 9th June and on 11th June in Delhi.

Addressing media persons Faleiro said that the main purpose of inviting this group is to make traditional music and dances of Goa such as Dekhni, Dulpod, Dhalo and Mando known to wider audiences and to motivate young Goans born abroad to identify themselves with their roots and culture.
Faleiro also introduced Prof Euginio Viassa Monteiro, a Goan settled in Lisbon, who is the president of Portugal –India Friendship Society in Lisbon and is also the head of the department at the Portuguese Business School. Prof. Monteiro is an eminent economist who has written extensively on economic developments and authored several articles, essays and books in Portugal and Spain. His latest book ‘O Despertar da India’ (The Rise of India) has been published in Portuguese and Spanish.


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