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Employees Union of Vedanta urges government to restart mining operations

Employees Union of Sesa Mining Corporation -a union of Vedanta Ltd urged the Goa government to let mining operations continue after March 15 as closure of mines would severely hit the miners. The closure of mining operations in the state follows the Supreme Court verdict cancelling iron ore leases in Goa.

“We request you as a responsible government to continue mining activities after 15th March,” Employees Union of Sesa Mining Corporation said in a letter to the Goa Chief Minister.

The Supreme Court has this month quashed the second renewal of 88 iron ore mining leases in Goa in 2015, saying the sole motive of the companies behind the commercial activity was profit maximisation and no social purpose was attached to it.

In the letter, Employees Union of Sesa Mining Corporation further said the mining industry gave lucrative incomes to its dependents but its closure would have a “severe blow on the socio-economic characteristics.”

Kishor Ishwar Lokre General Secretary Employees Union of Sesa Mining Corporation urged the state government to secure the jobs of people who entirely depend on mining.

“A serious attention is needed because had the people been trained to diversify into other income avenues they would have been able to sustain their income.” the letter said.

The court had said this month it was giving time till March 15 to mining lease holders, who have been granted a second renewal in violation of its previous directions, to manage their affairs


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