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Employment should be at risk

Two days after Capitol Hill riots, that caused damage to several public & government properties that also witnessed some outlandish looting, what came as a small piece of news amidst the loud cacophony of Democrats vs Republicans, was a tiny article on how many American Employees were identified by investigators. Investigators here were incidentally internet users – netizens like you and me. The American government used the free services of netizens to identify and locate the aggressors! The unexpected happened – all were sacked from jobs immediately.

This is an example for all global Business and HR Leaders. If your employees participate in violent protests that cause damage to public property and government assets you are as an organization well within your right to IMMEDIATELY FIRE WITH NO LONG-DRAWN DIALOGUE.

Survival of the company vs survival of deadwood, priority has always been the company. This says real hands who the organization is symbiotic with for existence. This is a psychophysical comprehension followed by every Management everywhere. Likewise, between Country, Safety and Rights of errant citizens who are violent, it will be the former. The Country.

It is absolutely fair and ethical to recover financial damages from those criminally inclined but what is more punitive is career damage. ‘Name and Shame’ of aggressive rioters is the approach the American government has commenced. It will be a tremendous blow to the employment of those who were in service someplace. The possibly immune are business owners and those who are financially independent. What riot participants cannot see is the risk of being labelled ferocious, dangerous and nuisance to society. This is a label that will 100% crop up in background search during hiring, if the citizen has been charged by the government – a record that cannot be undone and will be why nobody hires you.

Protesting and objections are way of life. There has been no time in human civilization that masses were elated and living in euphoric state of being because of its elected leaders or even monarchy. So, the right to voice and oppose is just, but the minute it moves to rouge violence, mob attack, hate anti national speech, room for treason, threat to security, vandalism, destruction of assets, the game has changed.

We assume verbally obnoxious hate mongering of all government decisions is about expression of Freedom of Speech. Often it is not. Human psychology states the ID side of man at Stage 1 which is barbaric, never really dies. The adrenalin rush of an infuriated ID gives sudden rule breaking bravery which propels people into participating in things they normally would deem wrong. Hate speeches feed the most animalistic side of your being. It feeds recklessness. When a large number are incited by hate speech mobs get activated. Inciting violence is just as big criminal offence as being the doer.

India recently has seen many agitators who have caused or even resorted to the destruction of public, government, and corporate assets to declare protests on different decisions they didn’t agree with the government on. The intelligent should know Military Intelligence, Central Intelligence and even state bodies watch all of us – The People closely. We are living in a very fragile world and it is a global phenomenon. Indians here on, should not be surprised for getting sacked from the job for inciting violence, supporting violence or participating in it.

Being prophetic and careful, this is the right time for HR in INDIA to develop an all comprehensive Code of Conduct Policy against participating in
#Inciting vandalism
#Supporting Rioting / Violence
# or being part of Terrorism or Conversion (Sociocultural terrorism)

All within one inclusive BILL.

Seema Raghunathan

A Business & HR professional with forty percent of career in leading an HR Business consultancy. The remainder of her 24-year work experience was spent in Corporate India. Her experience traversed respected brands like Standard Chartered Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Fullerton India, and John Deere with exposure in Banks, NBFC, Insurance, ITES, and Manufacturing & Consulting.
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