Enforcement Department to probe officers

The Enforcement Department has widened its probe into the alleged financial irregularities connected with the Commonwealth Games in India by now probing the mode of payments for the Queen’s Baron Relay in London in October last.

As the initial probe, including leads from RBI, led the ED officials to gather more information regarding how the work was awarded to a little known company based in London which received huge sums of money routed to it through the Royal Bank of Scotland.

It is learnt that the Department is probing the meeting where it was decided to award the work to the company even though the company asked for 100 per cent advance payment. As the Department is probing alleged violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, the manner in which the money was transferred to the company comes within its purview.

Organising Committee members are expected to be summoned by the Department for further investigations.

The Common Wealth games scheduled to get underway in October have been entangled in controversies and allegations of financial mismanagement which has resulted in one officer being sacked and another being suspended.

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