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Enrolling of Non Resident Goans in Electoral Rolls Soon


Commissioner for NRI Affairs Eduardo Faleiro revealed that the Union Law Department is in the process of preparing the rules pertaining to time for entering the names and mode for entering the names of Non Resident Indians in the electoral rolls.

Since both the houses of the Parliament have passed the People’s Representation Act (Amendment) Bill, it is now awaiting the President’s assent. “The President is expected to give her assent any moment now as there is no controversy over this amendment seeking to provide a platform for Non Resident Indians to participate in the country’s electoral process,” he said.

Even as the bill is awaiting the President’s assent, the concerned departments have started working so that it can be implemented immediately and that is why the Law Department is preparing the new rules.

Once the rules are published, Non Resident Indians will be able to enter their names in the electoral rolls in the place shown as their place of residence in their passports.


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