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Ensuing Municipal Elections Make Sanguem Councillors Protest

Sanguem Municipal Council Harsha D Sambhari along with four other councilors wore black cloaks to protest against the discriminatory work order issued by Director of Municipal Administration with regards to “developmental works” in the municipal area.
The director has reportedly sanctioned works amounting to Rs. 46,72,113 in only five wards of the council while totally ignoring the works in the other five wards including the one represented by Ms. Sambhari.

The other four councilors whose wards were ignored are Sanjay Raikar, Zarina Bi, Sandesh Kossambe and Agnelo da Costa.
All five councilors blamed the Director for Municipal Administration for this discrimination and totally exonerated the concerned minister Joaquim Alemao.
Councilor Agnelo da Costa spilled the beans when he said that when works will commence in the other five wards, residents of the five wards where works are not sanctioned will have a negative impression of their councilors which in turn may affect their fortunes at the municipal elections to be held within the next two months.

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