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Environmental Bio-Science Laboratory Opened At Agnel Ashram

Agnel Ashram on Tuesday inaugurated its environmental bio-science laboratory at its campus in Verna.There will be various scientific activities carried out at this laboratory including mushroom cultivation and plant tissue culture.

Mushroom cultivation will include the generation of relatively cheap source of high quality food and potential of mushroom farming in generating new employment opportunities.

Plant tissue culture will see production of exact multiple copes of plants that produce particularly good flowers, fruits or crops having other desirable traits.

The laboratory will also have environmental analysis tests like soil analysis, which is analysis of a soil sample to determine nutrient content, composition and other characteristics, including contaminants. This soil test will measure fertility, indicate deficiencies that need to be remedied and determine potential toxicities.

Water testing will analyse water quality to evaluate environmental water quality, characteristics of polluted water, etc.
The laboratory will also have waste management test and also food testing.

Laboratory In-Charge Safson Rodrigues informed that these test will be conducted within 2 days. And eventually we plan to sign a memorandum of understanding with ICAR and Goa State Pollution Control Board, he said.

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