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EPFO starts facility for advance for labourers during lockdown

New Delhi: In an endeavour to provide help to the labourers severely affected by the shutdown of business during the lockdown, the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has started a facility for a special advance to these people during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Talking to UNI, Region PF commissioner of EFFO in Central Delhi Alok Yadav said that the organization has partially opened its offices during the lockdown so that its subscribers can withdraw some money from their provident fund.

The regional office of the EPFO in Central Delhi, located in Wazirpur Industrial Area, is working hard during the lockdown to ensure relief to the people severely affected by the lockdown.

Mr Alok Yadav said that the section supervisors of the office JP Bindra and Sardar Harbhajan Singh are working to serve the needs of the poor people notwithstanding their medical problems.

Bindra is the highest claim-settling employee even on normal days and has been given a citation by the commissioner several times.

Bindra of of the view that a ideal person is one who looks at his work as an opportunity to serve others .
There are many other employees in this office whose are offering commendable service.

These include Anjani Kumar, Suresh Chandra, Binod Kumar and Amit Kumar who are working on the post of assistant and who are settling around 100 claims daily.

Women are also not behind in this spirit of service.

Employees like Renu Gupta and Parushi Gupta are also working shoulder to shoulder.with their Male colleagues to serve the poor at this critical juncture.

The commissioner’s personal assistants Sachin and Neeru Soni are also constantly engaged in addressing the problems of PF subscribers.

PF Commissioner Alok Yadav said that heis proud of his hardworking colleagues.

Via UNI-India

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