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Epiphany of phases of life: Are they out of their leverage?

As a beholder of fabulous birth rates, India gives rise to individuals who aspire to live a full-fledged life. The notion depicts a wonderful childhood, a visualizing teenage and further a productive and comfortable adult life. Are the newbies getting a chance to live their childhood? Do they have assurance of being what they are?

Today, the entire phenomena of raising the young ones have brought several differences in their lives. The definition of childhood is no more the same. Even during this pandemic, the upcoming youth have been made habituated to face the new normal. One cannot just blame everything to the pandemic. It is the fact that new parents have come up with the modern methods of upbringing. As the children are born, most of the working parents already make up their mind to have a baby-sitter. In families where both husband-and-wife work outside their homes, neither of them could give time to their child, be it either a small homework or be it other curricular activities. At times when they are at home, they are still busy with their office work or phone calls. Right from nursery standard, we see little children carrying the load of their school bags which are more than their own weight.

Parents focus more on the academic performance of the students, but they hire private tutors for them instead of giving some time of their own. Especially in rich families, such practices are very common. There are a lot of servants to do the work of each family member. People are so busy with their phones that they hardly sit with each other despite living in the same house. Children are more likely to spend most of their time with their nanny or grandparents. Now we see that people are so much concerned with the performance of the individual that a new education policy has come into action. At a very young age, children could choose to go for geek stuff like coding and other technical skills. The new policies have also inspired the parents to push their child into a particular domain. People have started spending money to buy laptops and phones for their children. Earlier, people during their school times used to have a real time experience of the class, writing down the notes and homework and a proper schedule to follow. Today, the same phase is replaced with gadgets and keyboards, where the child is not even used to writing properly using a pen, let alone working on different software.

The term “maturity before age” is equally justified in poor and middle-class families also. The children from the middle-class families know the value of earning money from a very young age. They know the value of a ten rupee note from that point of time when there had been dearth of food and resources. Having compared the age and situation of some high-class family children, one could only notice the kid wetting the diapers or crying for candies! Such similar conditions have motivated the poor ones to work from a very young age, instead of going to school which they cannot afford at all. In this way, we see that be it any standard family, with or without facilities, have to face a glance of losing their childhood in either way.

We live to be educated and we are educated to bring the vital changes in certain ways. Regarding education, the foreign certificates and degrees of the courses have always attracted the people. There are parents who want their child to be in the same profession as their own. The rush from 10 CGPA to the seat of competitive exams is quite relatable. There is always a rush for anything and everything. People are always in a hurry to apply for every possible opportunity but are they really content? Even for cracking an exam or interview they only make up their mind to pass that round and they have no idea for further competition with the shortlisted ones. Long story short, people don’t think of situation post consequences and are heavily money oriented. Apart from the mind-makeup of the childhood phase, we see the case is the same for the teenagers and adults.

We all aspire to work in a very highly reputed company. We do get paid a huge amount also but why don’t we prepare ourselves to be capable for the amount of work that we are expected to do? We are in a hustle just to be the sheep in the flock, but we never think of our actions and capabilities. The harsh reality in some of the cases is that “Nobody is ready to teach you the way, but anybody could be ready to test your potential and judge you.” Everybody wants to hire the talents around them, and no one is actually interested in the ones who lack work experience. This is something the phase of adulthood has to go through someday.

The phases of a human life are very precious and come only once. Setting our life goals according to some narrow-minded ones in the society or expecting your child to be like the famous “Sharma Ji ka beta” is not the actual solution for leading a productive life. It is absolutely fine to have your own dreams and unique goals.it is fine to opt for things that make you happy rather than the ones that make you rich. Remember your life cannot be a successful one if luxury comes before comfort.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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