Erroneous act in the name of noble work

The curious case of ANM Niha Khan adds to the distress of vaccine wastage in the case of the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. The nurse was accused of not supplying the proper vaccine into the patient’s body and rather throwing off the vaccine in dustbins. She just pretended to perform inoculation but in reality, she did not use to inject anything at all, leaving the people with a false belief that they had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Designated at Jamalpur urban primary health centre (UPHC), this nurse had been suspended and will face the consequences met by filing the FIR against her. She had been accused of throwing a total of 29 syringes loaded with the vaccine.

Those leftover syringes with loaded vaccines were found in the dustbin according to the urban primary health center. Few more sources have said that she was caught red-handed via a video in which she was doing the same all time that is, wasting the vaccines!

Proper introspection by a probe community as per the orders of the chief medical officer of Aligarh, Dr. Bhanu Pratap Kalyani along with deputy chief medical officer Durgesh Kumar and another member of the committee, the chief medical officer named Dr. M K Mathur, altogether is supposed to come up with this matter of exposure of the ANM Niha Khan’s act.

As per the introspection reports and legal decisions, a letter was sent to Niha Khan by Chandra Bhusan Singh, the District Magistrate of Aligarh leading to the suspension of Niha Khan from her duty by the health department.

Another exposure at the urban primary health center deals with none other than the Chief Medical Officer, none other than Dr. Afreen who is supposed to be guilty of equally supporting the erroneous act of Niha Khan by not stating the genuine facts to her seniors and hiding various details of the case related to wastage of vaccine. Moreover, she could have taken action against Niha Khan for the practice of deception and playing with the people’s lives in the name of a noble cause, but she chose to stay quiet.

Some sources have also stated that Niha Khan was interrogated by the committee members and chief medical officers along with the staff. There she claimed that she motivated the wastage of vaccines by deceiving people in the name of humanity. As she would only pretend to inject the empty jabs and people would believe that they had been vaccinated! Not only this, but the sharp practice would also leave the recipients who had been “so-called vaccinated” perplexed that how come they still get corona when they had been already vaccinated?

Niha Khan had been found to inoculate the people of almost all age groups ranging from as young as eighteen to forty-four. This situation worsens because, on one hand, this ANM had been repeatedly doing the act of wasting the vaccine which made the people who had been “so-called vaccinated” by her remain deprived of the actual vaccine.

On the other hand, the patient’s details also had been updated on the COWIN portal status as “vaccinated” which would confuse the consulted authorities and might create a problem for them to get access to the vaccine at the right time.

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