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ESG Upsets Goan Film Makers

Goan filmmakers under the banner of Film Fraternity of Goa are incensed with Manoj Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer of Goa Entertainment Society for according step motherly treatment to them despite assurances from the government.
The Fraternity had suggested that Konkani films be screened in different villages in Goa during the International Film Festival and this proposal was accepted by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.

In fact, Digambar Kamat who is also the Finance Minister, had assured the Fraternity that Rs 40 lakhs would be sanctioned to screen the films in the villages as he agreed that this would help cultivate a film culture in Goa.
An officer was even asked to prepare the scheme so that official sanction could be accorded to the project. However, after the project was submitted to the ESG, Manoj Srivastava simply sat on the file not taking any action as a result of which none of the 25 Konkani films selected by the Fraternity were screened.
When members of the Fraternity met Manoj Srivastava to check up on the status of the proposal, there was an altercation which resulted in Manoj Srivastava filing a complaint with the Panaji police that he was threatened by Sanjiv Prabudesai a film producer from Goa.

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