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Eunuchs put on a nude show on Delhi’s new Signature Bridge


New Delhi, Nov 16 (GCCurrentAffairs) In a shocking display of promiscuity and nudity, four eunuchs decided to put on a naked show for an amused set of onlookers on the newly inaugurated Signature Bridge in New Delhi.

Two of the four eunuchs stripped completely for a few seconds, while the other two eunuchs decided to put on a naked show semi-nude.

Furthermore, the unfazed eunuchs were bold in their nude public display of affection and enjoyed the attention and curiosity they were getting from the public onlookers.

The onlookers consisted of mainly men, who found the act shocking and amusing.

No police was called to stop the nude act, as onlookers continued to be mute spectators.

The recently inaugurated Signature Bridge ran into controversy on its launch day when members of AAP and BJP displayed their political love for each other by creating a ruckus and even sharing hand-to-hand blows.

Social media is rife with shock over the video which has now gone viral.

Delhi Police have now registered a cause of ‘obscenity in a public place’ and have started their investigations.

Via Indian Expose

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