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Covid 19 pandemic has undoubtedly taken a lot from human life but also gave hope that we can survive in any extreme conditions. It also taught humans that we should live in the present. We should value and respect what we have today. Running in a rat race to achieve something has lost the real meaning of life. In this competition we usually leave behind our friends and family, forget what we like and dislike. During this pandemic, we learned that there are only two important things we need to live a happy life; Strong willpower and a loving family.

While we adjust to the new normal life, every individual is also exploring the best within himself. The human being is loaded with a lot of talent; we just need to explore it. People are discovering indoor and outdoor activities to keep themselves engaged. Our family and friends have been sharing photos of various skills such as Cooking, Dancing, Painting, Sketching, Writing, Photography, Singing, Yoga, etc.

It’s a human tendency; we always keep things aside, which we love to do. We usually sideline it thinking that it can be done later anytime. We often drag ourselves for things which we don’t like, mostly going to work J. Few activities are mentioned below that individuals should explore as per his/her interest.

Health Benefits with Ayurveda and Yoga  

Multiple studies have confirmed there are many mental and physical benefits of Yoga. If you Incorporate it into your routine, it can help enhance your health, increase strength and flexibility, and reduce symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Yoga tutors helped people around the world by teaching the Yogasana via going online. Videos and online yoga sessions undoubtedly helped many new learners.

Ayurveda has a massive contribution to our life. During extreme Covid situations, taking KADHA ( herbs with medical benefits are boiled in the water for drinking purposes) as an immunity booster has become a daily ritual in most Indian families. The ancient Indian community never look allopathy medicines. Vaidya ( Ayurved Doctor ) use to make medicine at home and treat patients. Our grandmother also knew many such homemade remedies. She had a fantastic formula to cure Jaundice.

If you have not yet explored the benefits of Ayurveda, then visit the below YouTube channel from the experts –

  • Puja Kashikar –  Puja is an Ayurveda doctor by profession. She has also learned Yoga from the renowned institution. She is running a youtube channel, intending to reach a larger audience with principles of Ayurveda and Yoga. “Ayurbeej for Ayurveda and Yoga” (


  • Kali Gunjan – A banker turned Yoga tutor, did her Yoga teachers training course from SVYASA University Bangalore in 2017. Since then, she is taking online sessions on Hath Yoga, Pranayama, and meditations. Follow her on a Facebook page for more details. “Yogawithgunjan” (

Art & Craft Activity

Various art forms got famous during this period—doodle drawing, canvas painting, coffee painting, wall painting, etc. Kids and adults took great interest in persuading these skills. Some of them learned it online, but Some emerged as hidden artists. Free online tutorials are available, and some tutors are also taking web-based classes.

One of my friends, Hemant  Saraf, is an artist and has expertise in his field, is taking art & craft classes for kids age group 4 & above. It is undoubtedly helping kids to learn a new thing while keeping them engaged and away from electronic gadgets. He comes with unique ideas for decorations at home using paperwork.

Check out his Facebook page for more details. ‘HR CRAFT Creations’ (

Prachi Rahalkar, leaving her lavish job as a Charter accountant she is pursuing her passion for art. She offers hand-printed work such as kids’ t-shirts with cartoon characters, home décor stuff, gift items, etc.

Check her webpage for more details The Happy Me – Soulful Creativity

( and  )

Dancing & Singing

 It’s the greatest stress reliever. Like any other form of cardio exercise, dancing seems to have mood-enhancing benefits. Dancing causes your body to release endorphins-chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers and improve sleep ability, which in turn reduces stress. It also reduces the level of anxiety and depression. Engaging self in this activity can be benefited in two ways; Entertainment & Stress reliever.

Many people have tried it, and it was truly effective. You can also try it. J


Capturing scenic beauty in the lenses is an art. Not everyone can do justice with it.  I know few talents who are emerging as brilliant photographers and have done a remarkable job. Isn’t it amazing to see things around us from others’ visionaries? Some clicks connect you with Nature, and some take you on the heavenly tour of the Himalayas. It is more amazing when you experience the presence of the Sun &  the Moon closely around you. All thanks to these photographers.

Try out; it just needs a camera and your time. Feel the beautiful Nature and life around you.

Know more about such talented people among us –

  1. Sachin Gupta is a Head IT security professional working in MNC. Photography is his passion and love for Nature. One day he realized that there is life other than the office. He took his lenses and started shooting the natural beauty. Since then, he has developed a passion for photography. He has fantastic clicks of the Sun, Moon, and beautiful Nature. Check out his page to experience the beauty of the world around us.

Chayachitra-SachinGupta ( )

  1. Aditya Shingore, is a multi-talent person. Photography is one of his fine talents. He travels to different places to pursue his passion for photography. You can connect with the places through his photos. Check his amazing collection on the below webpage.

Raw Art Photos (  & )

Indoor Kids Activites  

Brain games have their importance in child development. Indoor games such as Chess, Brain vita, Othello, Scrabbles, Rubix cube, etc., helps in developing a concentration in kids.

The primary purpose of these games is to improve your memory, thinking, reaction time, and cognitive ability. These games are crucial later in life to keep these factors strong. Please spend some time with your kids and play along with them.

Stress-Free Life – Medical Benefit

Being at home, people started eating homemade healthy food. Regularised eating and sleep timings helped many patients control blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and anxiety issues. While we are in a confined lifestyle during this pandemic, it’s essential to take care of mental and physical fitness, hence at least for half an hour to take morning/evening walks. Outside fresh air is a must for an ample supply of oxygen to our body.

Amazing fact; Studies show Infertility clinics have recorded that their patients are conceiving naturally. Less stress & a relaxed lifestyle helped couples to plan for a family quickly. A stress-free life is always beneficial.


Loving plants and being around them gives immense pleasure. When we nurture them as a baby and see them growing, they became part of our life. The green color is the color of life, harmony, and prosperity. While working in your beautiful garden, you also get oxygen, which is the need of the hour. So grab it as much as you can.

Gardening is proven to be significantly beneficial to your psychological health as well as mental and physical wellbeing. Working in the garden can increase serotonin levels in the brain, causing you to be happier throughout the day. Gardening can also boost up your mood and reduce stress levels.

Cooking – Happy Tummy

Human beings cannot survive without food. Sometimes I feel ‘we only live to eat.’

But fulfilling the demands of our tastebuds is also a must, although it is a little difficult these days. Restaurant and food joints being closed its challenge how to fulfill the desire.

In the family, someone can cook (although most of the time she doesn’t want to :P), but some just want to eat. Then on the demand of the second category of people, she has to become a master chef. Be it a pizza, donut, or cake. Everything is homemade. Isn’t it amazing? Did we ever think that homemade pizza will win the hearts above Dominos pizza? But yes, the women in the house did this excellent job.

Chefs across India posted easy recipes for the home chefs to fulfill family members’ demands. The studio was closed, so the chefs like Ranveer Brar, Kunal Kapur, etc., used their home kitchen to deliver tasty and quick recipes for their fans.

Everyone is putting their best efforts to make life easier and simple, helping each other in various ways to overcome these difficult times.

Above mentioned people are just like us, the ordinary ones, but they choose different ways to make life extraordinary. 

 If you like my article, then share it with your friends. Spreading a positive thought can change someone’s life.


Article By: Radhika Kashikar

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