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Facebook, Instagram ban all QAnon-linked accounts

Washington: Facebook and Instagram will remove all accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory movement with immediate effect. The company said in a statement.
“We’re strengthening our enforcement efforts against the QAnon conspiracy theory movement. Starting today, we will remove any Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, even if they contain no violent content,” the statement said on Tuesday.

Facebook said it will take the company weeks to take down the QAnon accounts.
On August 19, Facebook implemented security measures designed to disrupt QAnon and other so-called militarized social movements from organizing on the platform.
Within the first month, the company said it removed more than 1,500 accounts linked to QAnon due to discussions of potential violence. Facebook also said that it has removed more than 6,500 accounts tied to more than 300 militarized social movements.
QAnon is often portrayed as a shadowy collection of individuals who claim President Donald Trump is secretly battling a network of paedophiles in the Democratic Party and the establishment. The FBI has warned that the group’s online presence encourages extremists to commit violent criminal acts, according to lawmakers.

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