Facebook removes fake accounts originating from Iran

San Francisco, Oct 27 (GCBusiness) Facebook has removed yet another set of fake accounts from Iran, sharing memes about American and UK politicians.

The fake accounts posed as UK and US citizens and were trolling western politicians, such as Theresa May, Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn, a report in BBC said.

In the past week, Facebook has uncovered and removed dozens of pages, accounts and groups linked to Iran, that the firm says coordinated ‘inauthentic behaviour.’

Further, The social media company also revealed that it had identified 82 pages, groups and accounts on Facebook and Instagram that were posting material, in violation of the platform’s policies.

The fake page administrators have been masquerading as Americans and UK citizens and posting about politically charged topics such as race relations, opposition to President Donald Trump and immigration, according to the researchers at the Atlantic Council.

“Given that the US mid-term elections are just a few weeks away, we took action as soon as we completed our investigation,” Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cyber security policy, telephonically told reporters.

Via UNI-India

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