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Faith in divine, belief in talent are my keys to success: Hemaa Sardesai on being acknowledged with the Industry’s No.1 Award

Hemaa Sardesai, the nationally and globally renowned singer, was recently bestowed with the nationally acknowledged ‘Industry’s No. 1’ Award. She was felicitated for unmatched performance in the field of music and singing in India.

The Award was presented during Herald Global and ERTC Media’s ‘Global Business Symposium 2022’, an initiative that envisions bringing together visionaries and leaders cohesively driving a singular agenda for scripting economic change, by discussing key issues that hinders economic growth of enterprises globally.

The Industry’s No.1-2021-22 is a special pride award procreated to honour and acknowledge the eminent leaders and their leadership roles in sports, entertainment, business, politics, arts, science & technology; who set a benchmark, showcasing through their expertise and passion to be ‘The Best’.

The Industry’s No.1 individuals possess distinguished skills, earning them the No.1 position in their respective category within the diversified industry.

It was announced at the event that Hemaa Sardesai was not only the pride of Goa but she was also the pride of India. It was also said, “Despite the great list of her achievements, she is as humble as ever”. The event was held at the Marriott.

After being felicitated with the prestigious award, Hemaa, in a conversation with GoaChronicle, talked in detail about her career as a singer, her skillset, her journey in the field of music and much more.

We posed a few questions to her to know about the felicitation and much more.

What was your eureka moment at which you knew that you wanted to pursue music or singing, to be precise, as a career? 

The time when my school teacher, Late Mrs. Sequiera discovered my voice and talked to my father about it when I was 6 years old. Then at the Panjim Gujarati Samaj Navratri festival, I was rediscovered. When I was 11 years old, I won the first prize at the first All Goa Singing contest and that was when my parents were sure that they had a talented daughter whose talent needed to be encouraged. Then first prizes at many more contests and followed and there was no looking back.

What do you think is the real key to success in the field of music or any career path for that matter?

Total belief in what talent has been gifted by the divine is of utmost necessity. Also, complete faith in what has been bestowed upon you and that it will be looked after. Complete focus and dedication and a clear vision; but no hankering or persistence on wanting to achieve. Relax, the divine’s got your back.

Learning what skills helped you achieve such a remarkable feat as a singer? 

Again, complete faith in the divine, belief in my talent, full dedication and focus. Integrity and sincerity are skills other than the training I got in Indian Classical music and my utmost love for singing and performing live.

What do you think is the best part about being a part of the entertainment industry?

I am one of the RAREST INDIAN SINGERS known as the noble-most singer in India and the world, from Bollywood to Hollywood, who while keeping the respect of womanhood at the highest, never compromised her values, virtues, principles, nor broke homes or hearts to gain fame, power or money ever, has certainly achieved more than any singer who hardly may have similar values.
The best part of the entertainment industry is that they showed enough belief in Hemaa Sardesai for her to 100% prove that with utmost decency and highest values, a talented singer can make it that big; setting the rarest example for upcoming talent.

Last year, you were awarded with the Champions of Change award. What is that particular award all about? 

Champions of Change (COC) is an Indian National Award for promoting Indian values like Community Service, Social Development, Healthcare, Education and National Unity, selected by constitutional jury members headed by K. G. Balakrishnan, former Chief Justice of India and former Chairman, NHRC. It is given annually in four categories, and usually presented by the President, Vice president, Prime Minister of India or a leading figure. I received it for having not only achieved as a singer but for being the only Indian singer who has contributed most of all selflessly towards social activity. I was informed that I was unanimously chosen to be honoured with the award by a highly respected jury, two Chief Justices of India and a former Supreme Court judge.

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