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‘Faleiro’ visibility back in Navelim

Former Chief Minister of Goa and now General Secretary, All India Congress Committee (AICC) and Congress Working Committee (CWC) member, Luizinho Faleiro appears to be now getting ready to make his presence felt in Navelim – a constituency he had nurtured for many years prior to his defeat in 2007 elections at the hands of the then Save Goa party candidate Churchill Alemao who later joined Congress.

A large hoarding has been put up at the Rosary Church in Navelim with his photograph and details of a month-long event that Faleiro will be supporting from next month. Something not seen in the last five years, after he lost the elections.

Interestingly, the position of the hoarding had been often used previously by the former PWD minister Alemao, now however, after the recent ‘Alemao’ wash-out the former political heavy-weight has decided to stay away from the Navelim constituency.

Alemao, was defeated in the recent 2012 Assembly Elections by BJP-supported Independent candidate Avertano Furtado.

Not known to many Faleiro clandestinely had played a critical role in bringing Furtado to the political fore and also ensuring BJP especially Parrikar lends his support to Furtado, even though he would stand as an Independent candidate. Sources in BJP confirmed and told that Faleiro himself had worked in secret with the BJP to remove the Congress candidate. An allegation that even Alemao brought out in his rants after his loss.

The strategy adopted to defeat Alemao was the same strategy adopted by Alemao to defeat Faleiro.

With Furtado considering Faleiro to be his real boss in political matters, the hoarding is just the first step of Faleiro trying to regain Navelim.

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