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Farmers’ Protest: The “coup de grace” on India?

While many in the country are taking their last breath, the agitated farmers seem to be nowhere bothered by it. The country is biting the dust with each passing day to arrive at the 2nd wave of COVID infections. Restrictions have been imposed by both the Centre and state as a double precaution against this deadly virus. Violating the laws set by the government, the farmers are hell-bent on opposing the Farm Bills with the country’s lives at stake.

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood in India. About 58% of India’s population is involved extensively in agriculture. India ranks 2nd worldwide in farm outputs. And not to miss out, agriculture contributes about 17-18% of the country’s GDP. The farmers are the nation’s backbone, but the same farmers are causing havoc in the national sphere.

The farmer riots and protests started in November of 2020. It has persisted without a hitch since then. But it is about time to put a permanent end to this chaos. The Indian government has on numerous occasions appealed to the farmers to call out the protests in the wake of the catastrophic surge in the COVID cases.

The government fears that farmers’ protests in Delhi and Haryana areas could prove to be the viral “super spreader” event in the nation. The farmers have now alarmed a fresh agitation of mass protests across the country to mark the achievement of the protests’ half-yearly milestone. Twelve opposition parties, including Congress, have extended their support towards this utterly irrational move of the farmer’s union.

The farmers’ motion set in force is being heavily criticized by the public and is a complete mockery of the actual reason for these protests. With the farmers heading to Delhi to mark 26th May as “Black Day,” India will be destined to face its darkest times.

Just you or I can’t put a hold on these protests single-handedly. Indians with a united front and the members of the sovereign with a combined sense of empathy for those fighting the virus can put out the fire igniting the mass protests for the time being if not put an end to it permanently.

The nation continues to suffer lack of beds, medical staff, medications, and a shortage of oxygen and other relief materials. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and our primary criterion, for now, should be ensuring that those in need of these facilities, get immediate access to them.

India’s population priority must be on overcoming the present medical emergency and not rioting or causing chaos. There is all the time in the world to sort out the disagreement between the farmers and the Centre. The prime concern of the Centre must be to provide required aid to those in a life-or-death situation with this fatal virus hovering over us.

While India suffers, we should lend a hand and help the country emerge victoriously and regain its strength. India is in its most vulnerable state. The nation needs time to heal from the curse of the advancing virus.

Pratheeksha Pawaskar

Intern, Goa Chronicle Law student, University of Mysore. Criminal Psychology and Constitutional Law are subjects of my personal interest. More of a “Philomath” (sucker for knowledge) with a great sense of humour. Always standing up for what is right.

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