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Farmers should stop Khalistani highjack their protests

Farmers from Punjab and Haryana are in Delhi protesting against the reforms brought in by the government of India. Rather than farmers from all over India supporting them, people from film industry are supporting these farmers. Problem with the support is not only their lack of knowledge about the issue. Bigger problem is their association with Bhindranwale and support to this man. Bhindranwale was the same person who raised gun against the government of India. In the name of religion, Bhindranwale and his supporters wanted an Independent nation in the name of Khalistan to be carved out of India by taking away the parts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. To get their demands fulfilled, Bhindranwale even collided with the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and called for the massacre of Hindus in the name of religion.

The plan of Bhindranwale foiled by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Indian’s particularly sikh community who chose India over Khalistan. However, the fundamentalist dies but their ideas sustain for opportunists to jump. After over 3 & half decade, these celebrities in the name of Khalistan have started mobilising these farmers from Punjab and Haryana to stand against the Indian Government. Their demand isn’t favouring the farmers but establishing their own agenda.

In the name of farmer’s, opportunists have started calling out to assassinate Prime Minister Modi in a way Khalistani supporters killed Indira Gandhi after she executed Operation Blue dismantling Bhindranwale. Many have started taking out posters to remind India of 1984 and started calling out Sikhs in the name of religion. To get more support, these people have not started targeting people with larger appeal to come in support. Religious fundamentalist are leaving no stone unturned so to satisfy their lost cause. Former Cricket player of England & Well Cricket, Monty Panesar who is a Sikh came out in support of these farmers and has requested the British government to get involved in this matter. Little did he understand the fact that India is a sovereign country and that England could not interfere in the policies of India anyway. Also the relationship between India and England has reached to a great height under PM Modi and that the Prime Minister of UK is the Chief Guest of Republic Day parade this year.

Another nation to get into this is Canada. Canada has a big Punjabi population which is dominating their politics. Due to this major vote bank, Prime Minister of Canada Justine Trudeau has asked India to look into the matter. Indian government responded to Canada sharply questioning their locus standi in the matter. It is weird to comprehend the fact that a sovereign nation is calling out another nation for a domestic law. However even bigger issue is the fact that Canada has always opposed MSP which the farmers of Punjab and Haryana are asking for. So Canada by speaking about the issue in public has ruined it’s relation with a nation which has emerged like a hero in this Covid era by providing free medicine’s to many countries.

To summarise this, it won’t be wrong to say that farmers have chosen wrong way to demand what they feel important for themselves. Rather than seeking help from these opportunists, they should converse properly with the government and look for a possible outcome. If the protests get resolved quickly, it’ll benefit the farmers as well as the common people of Delhi who is currently facing problem due to blockade on the roads. Farmers protesting must remember the fact that it is an Indian law and only Indian government can address their issues.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor, GoaChronicle.com

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