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Fatal Accident Triggers Rasta Roko


Traffic along the Quepem-Curchorem road was paralysed for more thanthree-hours on Wednesday evening following a fatal accident in which a 28-year-old youngster from Dharnadwado, Xeldem was killed in an accident at Kakumoddi, Curchorem, involving a mining truck.
The victim, Swapnesh Vinayak Xeldekar was knocked down by a loading mining truck near the Ganjekar Saw Mill at Kakumoddi when Swapnesh was returning home on his motorcycle. Swapnesh died on the spot and police after conducting the panchanama sent the body to Hospicio for post mortem.

However, when Police Inspector Bhanudas Dessai summoned a fire tender to wash away the blood from the road, the crowd got agitated and began shouting slogans. Efforts by the local MLA Shyam Satardekar, former MLA Domnic Fernandes and Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council Vice Chairperson Baburao Dessai to pacify the crowd failed as it kept increasing in numbers.
The crowd accused the police inspector of not conducting the panchanama properly in order to help the truck owner and driver escape punishment and as the crowd began getting restless, additional police force was summoned.
Demanding immediate suspension of the police inspector, the crowd stopped the traffic and refused to budge until and unless Bhanudas was placed under suspension.
Even an assurance from the Chief Minister that a compensation of Rs Two lakh would be paid to the next of the kin of the victim did not pacify the crowd while finally relented after Shyam Satardekar assured that no ore will be transported on that road till action is taken against those involved in the accident.
Curchorem police meanwhile arrested the truck driver and also attached the truck involved in the accident.


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