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Father Rajarathinam and Father Alphonse Aind: A shame on the Jesuit order

I have always maintained that I am a man of immense faith in the teachings of Jesus.

I also believe that the evil of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and its deliberate cover-up by many in the clergy is going deal a deafening blow to Catholicism globally.

No matter how many Catholics in India or globally may dislike the work which we are doing off exposing the evil; they will one day remember the work we have started and continue the fight for what is right.

One of the first case I happened to stumble upon my before our crusade was initiated was the case of Jesuit Priest – Fr Rathinam Rajarathinam:

The case is a story of a Catholic nun (name withheld for legal reasons) from Trichy, India.

The sister, under 30, alleged that she was raped and impregnated by Father Rathinam Rajarathinam who was the President of the St Joseph’s College from 2006-2008.

In 2006, she was pursuing her Masters in Arts at St Joseph’s College where she met Fr Rajarathinam. In her complaint to the police, the Sister alleged that during one of their meetings, Fr Rajarathinam served her a drink laced with sedatives. She was then raped, pictures of naked body were taken on his cellphone camera and she was threatened against reporting the matter.

Fr Rajarathinam continued to sexually abuse the nun several times and as a result she got pregnant. The pregnancy was aborted at a private hospital in 2008.

To add to the absolute shock, the nun has been ex-communicated by the Catholic Church and her main source of support targeted and possibly killed.

Priest Father Susaipitchai, aged 55 and was the Rector of the St Joseph’s College at the time of the case. He was also vocal in his fight to remove Father Rajarathinam from his principal position of St Joseph’s College.

Father Susaipitchai was found dead in his room on his bed.  The door in his room was broken open after he was not seen for two days and he failed to answer his phone calls. The police conducted an autopsy and found that the priest died of cardiac arrest on Dec 17, 2010.

Father Susaipitchai was reportedly harassed by fellow priests for his stand against the accused rapist Fr Rajarathinam.

The mysterious death of Father Susaipitchai continues to remain a mystery even though his death was declared as natural death.

Fr Rajarathinam is currently the Secretary of the Loyola College, Vettavalam, Tiruvannamalai District.

In her complaint the victim nun named a few other priests of threatening her, on behalf of the accused priest Fr Rajarathinam. She also filed a complaint with the local police. However, Fr Rajarathinam was granted anticipatory bail by the Madras High Court on November 3, 2010.

The other accused by the name in the case were Fr Provincial Mudiappasamy Devadoss, Fr Joe Xavier SJ, Fr Xavier Vedam, the Prinicipal of Arulanadar College, Karumathur and Dr Suchitra, attached to the Kavery Hospital, who had allegedly conducted the abortion on the nun.

Fr Devadoss and Fr Xavier were charged under section 506 (1) for criminal intimidation, Fr Xaxier Vedam under section 506 (1) and also the Women’s Harassment Act section 4 and Dr Suchitra was charged under Section 201 (causing disappearance of evidence) and 313 (causing miscarriage without woman’s consent).

The Jesuit Provincial set-up a one-man probe committee to investigate the case.

Now another Jesuit priest – Father Alphonse Aind from the Roman Catholic Mission Church in Khunti, Jharkand has complete disgusted me:

Let me capture the horror of five girls that were lured and led to three hours of brutal rape, torture and brutality by Father Alphonse Aind.

Fr Alphonse Aind conspired with prominent naxalites of the area to teach these young girls from an NGO who had been fighting against ‘human trafficking’.

In the words of the judge that pronounced life sentence on Fr Alphonse Aind:

The hot summer day of Khunti on 19th June 2018 could not have been remotely planted the feelings in the five young ladies, who had gone with their male associates to perform a Nukkar-Natak(street play) with a motive to spread awareness among the poor illiterate villagers against the evils of “Human Trafficking”, which is a very prevalent social evil in the remote villages of Khunti District, specially in the Kochang area of this District, that in the next few hours, the bright and hot day that was gradually stripling in would bring with it the devastating hours of darkness when they went to Kochang church school alongwith their male associates on request of their associate partner i.e. Asha-kiran institute, who hired them to perform a street play. The victims possibly could not have imagined that they would be abducted under conspiracy of the accused persons, facing trial in this case and be a prey to the savage lust of a gang of accused persons, face bruter assault and become a playful things that would be tossed around at their wild whim and insertion of wooden rod in their private parts taking their nude snaps and shooting of video of commission of rape, assaulting male victims brutally, compelled them to drink urine and lic their spit are sufficient to give vent to their pervert sexual appetite unthinkable and sadistic pleasure.”

The District Court & Additional Sessions Judge of Khunti, Jharkhand sentenced Father Alphonse Aind to life imprisonment for hatching a conspiracy that led to rape of five young girls of an NGO fighting ‘Human Trafficking’ in the state. He failed to inform the police of the abduction of the five girls and also persuaded them with possible threats of grave consequences to them and their families if they reported the matter to the police.

Fr. Alphonse had told them that “you go and sit in vehicle, they will bring you all back within two hours and nothing will happen with you”

Here is what one of the accused who has been sentenced told the Court:

Baji Samad @ Takala in his confessional statement vide Ex-8/2 had categorically admitted that when they had taken away the victims, one sister was ready to go with them, but Father had told them(miscreants) that “These are sisters so let them leave, however you take away the rest”. This accused has also stated in his confessional statement that at the time of return from the school at evening, he met with Father, who was coming at school after purchasing vegetables, then they told him that “victims were left after proper lesson, as you told”

This was not a on the spur of the moment abduction and brutal gang rape of the five innocent girls. This entire crime was planned on June 18th, 2018 and executed as planned on June 19th in connivence and clearance of Fr Alphonse Aind.

I wonder whether Fr Rajarathinam and Fr Aind of the Jesuit Order are men of God or are evil disguised as men of the light. They are devoid of soul and spirit of God.

Unfortunately clergy like Fr Rajarathinam and Fr Aind get support from the Catholic Church unflinchingly and therefore in order to protect the name of the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order (in this case), the Church takes a stand of denial of the truth and puts the blame on the victim. It undoubtedly plays the victim of a grand conspiracy.

The truth is that the Catholic Church is getting to be a cesspool of evil and its time for right thinking Christians to clean it up.

Will the Catholic Church defrock Fr Alphonse Aind, it did not defrock Fr Rajarathinam.


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