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FDA seizes food items in Navelim

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials raided a house in Navelim and seized food items worth 3.5 lakhs, on Friday at 7pm.
FDA inspectors Rajiv Korde and Priya Kolkhar seized large quantities of unlabelled packages of cashew nuts, chikki, sonpapdi, halwa, dry fruits, sweets, mango bar sweets, etc. from a house in Calcodem, Navelim owned by Shravan P. Singh. “All the products are misbranded and we have drawn samples to check the quality of the food items,” said an FDA official.

The food packages did not have the required labels with the manufacturing and expiry date or the symbol declaring the food as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The food was packed on unlicensed premises in Navelim.
According to an FDA source, the food was packed with labels bearing the name of Purohit Trading and Powerhouse, Aquem, Margao. However, when the address was checked, the FDA found no such company in existence at that location.
A case has been registered against Singh under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.

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