‘Feku’ Faking News!

It was an odd story that read more like Faking News than political PR. A report in Times of India sparked off a furore about  Modi’s ‘Rambo’ rescue effort which deployed 4 Boeing jets, 25 buses, and 80 Toyota Innovas to allegedly save 15000 Gujarati pilgrims stranded in Uttarakhand.

The facts were unsourced and mostly unconfirmed by official Modi or BJP aides except for one quote from an obscure BJP leader, Anil Baluni.
Three Days later, this  story that aimed to make Modi look heroic soon became a gift for his detractors. After days of conspicuous silence, the Modi camp today seems to have stepped up to decisively squelch the tall tale. 

Modi’s PR firm tried to make him a Rambo. The reality is that even the army is not ‘para-dropping’ its paratroopers. The Special Forces are either trekking through the hills or slithering down from hovering helicopters. There isn’t a drop-zone in the hills in which paratroopers can land. The army and the air force would have done it if there was one.       

Then, where did he fly and dish out only Gujaratis and that too.. 15000. And all in a day ???. Even Lord Hanuman could carry only Ram and Laxman  on his shoulder. Worse, Modi’s faux-heroics were marshaled by his supporters to criticize the military forces who were engaged in real, hazardous rescue efforts.∙       

Here was a feku, whose brag were looking Himalayan in nature . !!∙        Or was it a  PR stunt that overshadowed the nation’s own armed forces inevitably backfired — and paved the way for  scathing editorials and articles by a bevy of journalists who lampooned him with the choicest of adjectives across the spectrum?

Do many BJP Lords know that Modi’s PR firm APCO Worldwide also has some bizarre kinds of clients including Kazakhstan dictator Nursultan Nazarbaev, Nigerian tyrant Sani Abacha, the American tobacco lobby, Pariah regimes in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and so on.

Just flash back on Modi’s monumental announcement in 2005 that “state-owned company GSPC had made India’s biggest gas discovery: 20 trillion cubic feet (TCF) valued at more than USD 50 billion, off Andhra Pradesh.” Further investigation into this claim ultimately turned out to be more like a bad joke than a tale of bluster and bluff. 

Looking back, the Rambo story may well have been the work of overzealous PR flunkies, but Modi could have easily nipped it in the bud. Why let it float around except in the hope that it may help burnish his superhero image?       

It is easy enough to make fun of Congress honchos desperately trying to spin PR gold from Rahul’s banal encounter with a newspaper seller. But if you must lose the PR game, it is less damaging to appear desperate than shameless — more so, when it involves a natural disaster that has claimed hundreds of lives.      

Modi’s PR stuntmen started lampooning rahul Gandhi’s absence from the scene of Uttarakhand by writing: Where is Pappu?. Well, Pappu did come on the scene of disaster by car and went up to hill top of Rishikesh and even beyond. He walked around but did not make any sound and thunder. But Feku broke all records in the most absurd way, either by himself or through his PR stunt warriors and in the process, made a hash of his image and credibility

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