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FFFG members refuse to meet ESG under Srivastava

Two members of the Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa (FFFG) who are appointed on the General Body of Entertainment Society of Goa (FFFG) have decided not to attend any meetings of ESG till the controversial CEO is sacked and an inquiry is conducted in various scams and scandals of ESG after the CEO took charge stated Augie D’Mello, spokesperson of the FFFG in a press note issued here today.

It will be unfair on our part to get associated with any meeting or activity of ESG where there is involvement of the controversial CEO. We have evidences of the alleged role of the CEO in manipulating the Minutes of Meetings and other records. We have decided to distance ourselves from any wrongdoings happening in the ESG stated the two local film makers Teotinho D’Costa and Augie D’Mello  in a letter addressed to the Chief Minister.

The two members have also expressed displeasure over the act of the Government to give six months extension to the controversial CEO Manoj Srivastava and have informed the CM about their decision not to attend the first General Body meeting scheduled on Wednesday, 11th July 2012.

We received a telephonic call on 9th July from one junior employee of ESG informing us about the scheduled meeting on 11th July. The said employee also requested for our email id and postal address. This proves that the administration in ESG has totally collapsed. This exercise of getting details of the members should have been completed immediately after the General Body and Governing Body were constituted almost a month back the letter stated.

Surprisingly, the email intimation received in the evening on 9th July about the meeting is a single page letter signed by the CEO and does not carry any agenda of the scheduled General Body meeting. This proves the irresponsible attitude of the CEO who thinks that the members can be taken for granted. It is important that all the members are provided with the Agenda copy well in advance so as to enable them to prepare for the meetings stated D’Mello.


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