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Fifth Bird Hit at Dabolim Airport Within a Month


An international flight landing at Dabolim airport early Sunday morning was hit by a bird making it the fifth bird hit within 23 days.

It may be recalled that on 11th September two bird hits were reported at Dabolim within three hours then four days later on 17th September an Indian Airlines flight from Mubai was hit by a bird. More recently, on 25th September an Air Arabia flight was badly damaged due to a bird hit.

Unscientific methods adopted for garbage disposal with most of just dumped on land above the air corridor is the cause of birds hovering around the airport which is resulting in the bird hits.


Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho who represents Dabolim in the Assembly has been asking the government for the last over two years, to allocate land in the Verna Industrial Estate so that all the panchayats from his constituency including Chicalim of which Dabolim is a ward, can treat their garbage.


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