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Fight against Coronavirus a fine example of cooperative federalism: PM

New Delhi: Praising the states of the country for putting up a united fight against Corona virus infection, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that India’s capability to keep the Covid casualty rate down and its fight against coronavirus is a fine example of ‘cooperative federalism’.

Speaking at a meeting with Chief Ministers from 20 states to discuss coronavirus crisis and the road ahead for the country, the PM said that it was because of the united efforts by the people of the country against Coronavirus that the COVID pandemic did not have the kind of devastating impact it had in other countries.

‘In the future whenever there will be a study of the country ‘s fight against COVID, this period will be remembered for our united efforts against the Corona virus infection. In doing so, we presented a fine example of cooperative federalism,” PM said.

The PM said that the right timing of imposition of the lockdown had helped in controlling the impact of the COVID pandemic to s large extent.

‘While dealing with a crisis, timely action is very important. Decisions taken at the right time have helped in limiting the impact of the virus.

When Corona virus was not even a subject of discussion in other countries, India had started preparations to fight the virus. We have worked day and night to save the life of every Indian. In the last few weeks, thousands of Indians have returned from abroad and hundreds of migrant workers reached their hometowns. Almost all modes of transport have resumed operation,’ ‘the PM said at the meeting, which was also attended by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan.

The PM said that the economic activity, that had come to a halt in the aftermath of the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, is now picking up.

“Almost all the offices are open now, people are out on roads and markets. Even minor negligence can cost us dearly. India is capable of managing a rapid revival of its economy.

Over the last two weeks since crucial areas of restrictions were lifted, exports are up, two-wheeler production has been gaining pace, and power consumption, which was dropping, is now showing an upward movement,’ the PM.

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