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Fight Masterminded by Jose Philip, Reveals Aide

In what could be a very damning statement, an aide of Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza has revealed that the whole incident of Tuesday was manipulated by Jose Philip who lured Micky to Vasco apparently to settle scores with him.
Rohan Vaz, a resident of Vasco revealed that he was asked by Jose Philip to call up Micky from his cell phone and to lure him to Vasco by stating that he wanted to ditch Jose Philip and cross over to Micky’s camp.

When Micky responded Rohan asked him to meet him in Vasco to discuss how his supporters can be taken care of and that is how Micky landed in Vasco and probably because it was presumed that Micky would be coming with money to pay Rohan and his supporters, Jose Philip accused his party colleague of coming to distribute money.
However, after the ugly incident of Tuesday evening, Rohan picked up courage, walked up to Micky and confessed to his role in the sordid drama and after apologizing to Micky, revealed the entire episode to media persons.

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