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Filipe Assures Relief From Wild Animals To Farmers

Taking cognizance of growing number of wild animals destroying plantations, Minister for Forests Filipe Neri Rodrigues assured the Legislative Assembly that his department will come out with schemes to protect cultivations.
While disclosing that a pilot project will be taken up in Pernem taluka, he said solar or electric fencing around cultivations, construction of trenches or walls are some of the measures proposed and added that besides undertaking a feasibility study, locals will also be taken into confidence before implementing these schemes.

Following a question raised by Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Dayanand Sopte, the House admitted that wild animals, particularly monkeys and elephants have been ravaging plantations for the last few years.
Dayanand Sopte pleaded that the compensation to farmers thus affected, should be released immediately.
His party colleague Ramesh Tawadkar joined issues with Sopte to point out that in his constituency of Poinguinim, farmers are thinking of giving up their traditional occupation due to destruction of their crops by the wild animals.
Speaker Pratapsing Rane who is a member of World Wildlife Fund also gave some suggestions on how to prevent wild animals from leaving their natural habitats.

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