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Films to be Screened on Saturday for SAFF

Following is the schedule of the films to be screened on Saturday 18th September for the ongoing South Asian Film Festival being held at Panjim.

At Kala Academy:

11 am Le Vent (The Wind) a film from Sri Lanka directed by Bennet Rathnayke tries to probe the truth in the everyday life of a college professor Senarathne and his wife Krishanthi through their evidence given in a divorce petition filed in the court.

1:30 am Neighbour the film directed by Zubair Fanghand from Afghanistan. This film based on a true incident traces the travails of Omer an Afghani forced to live in refugee camp at Safaid Sang where he and the other inmates struggle to preserve their sense of dignity against the sneering superiority of the Iranian officers. This film is the first serious attempt from Afghanistan to depict the life of its citizens living in refugee camps.

3:30 pm the Indian film Children of Pyre chronicles the lives of seven children making their living from the dead at the busiest cremation ground in India at Manikarnika Ghat in Benares. Directed by Rajesh S Jala, the film shows how the children collect, snatch and even steal in order to ensure their own survival.

5:00 pm, Pakistani film Yeh Hindustan, Woh Pakistan which is directed by Ehtesham. This film set in the bloody period of partition shows boding amongst women from across the borders of the two country. Lajwanti, a Hindu lady from India has been abducted by muslims from Pakistan and kept in their village. However, her abductors wife Amma sympathises with Lajwanti and how the two defy the men is the crux of the film.

6:00 pm Rakesh Mehta directed Khudakhusi from India. This films shows how innocent young muslims like Imran who are seeking to make a living for themselves, are drawn into the vortex of terrorism by some muslims like Wali Sheikh who live an opulent life.

7:30 pm Nov Nombor Bipod Shanket the Humayun Ahmed directed film from Bangladesh.

7:30 pm Noy Nombor Bipod Shanket from Bangladesh. This film deals with the loneliness suffered by 70 year old Sobhan who lives alone in the village while his two daughters live with their husbands in Dhaka where his only son is also studying at the university. Sobhan schemes to get his children to visit him and how a stranger named Ranjana turns the family upside down is what the movie is all about.

At Entertainment Society of Goa – Screen I
11 am Chorten Kora (The Circumambulation) Gyem Dorji’s film from Bhutan. This tragedy movie depicts the life of a young princess who struggles with her natural desires in search of true love and happiness only to meet a cold and untimely death.

2:00 pm Chandragrohan Murad Parvez directed film from Bangladesh exposes the hypocrisy of Abul who resists the marriage of his son Kashu with an orphan girl Falani who was born to a deaf and homeless woman.

4:15 pm Rahul Nath’s film from India titled Foreign. This films takes of the veneer of fascination for foreign land through the story of Radhika a young and naïve Indian girl who marries a boy settled in America. How her life turns to a misery after marriage is shown in the movie.

5:00 pm Achhay Mian from Pakistan directed by Saife Hasan. This is a movie about coming to terms with reality told through the tale of blind boy brought up to believe that he is very handsome. He marries a blind girl who too believes that he is very handsome. But everything changes when it is revealed that he is actually quite an ugly looking person.

6:00 pm Sumith Rohana directed Stuthi Newatha Enna (Anticipating Re-Arrival) from Sri Lanka. The impact of the war within in Sri Lanka for the last many years is dealt with in this movie through the stories of Hemarathna, a teacher unhappy with his job; Nirmala a woman with a missing husband trying to find her own moorings; Keerthiratne in search of a goal to prove his valour; Malkanthi, a teacher desperately trying to be a part of the scene and Tikira a young school boy searching for companionship.

At Entertainment Society of Goa – Screen II
11:00 am Dalamarmarangal (Whispers of Petals), the Indian film directed by Vijaykrishnan makes the point that love is the only antidote to violence through the stories of three different girls – Aswathi, a textile shop employee living with her bed-ridden mother representing the poor section; Kartika the girl loved abundantly by her parents representing the middle class and Rohini the rich girl representing the upper class.

1:30 pm Lalla Hindu Mohammad Hasan directed film from Afghanistan. This is a documentary on the Sikh and Hindu communities in Afghanistan giving a lot of information of the Hindu culture in that country.

3:00 pm Bambara Walalla from Sri Lanka directed by Athula Liyanage, is the story of Podi Eka who is rescued by Mal a coffin maker after the former was beaten and left for dead. As he starts working for Mal, Podi Eka tries to come to term with the deep wounds left on his psyche and how his life changes following Mal’s death is revealed at the end.

5:15 pm The Karma Deki directed film from Bhutan titled Kushu Tara. This is a film about unrequited love and women eternal search for love that embodies their very existence.

7:15 pm Sanosansar from Nepal which is directed by Alok Nebang. This is a story of Ravi, an average fresh graduate who does not know what he wants in live; Reetu a smart girl who know what she does not want in life; Suraj a cocky and confident person who knows exactly what he wants from life and Manoj Sizapati who wants what everybody else wants.

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