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Filth Driving Away German Tourists

According to Aurobindo A P G Xavier, President of Indo-German Friendship Society, Goa, filth on the beaches in Goa and the fact that it is more expensive that some other destinations, is making German tourists skip Goa.
He said that the website of the Society has received quite a number of articles from Germans who had visited Goa this season complaining about the dirt in the State particularly on the beaches and added that many of them have said that they will not return to Goa for a holiday.
Besides, he said Germans find Thailand cheaper than Goa and hence have opted to change their holiday destination, said Xavier who is based in Germany.

Aurobindo Xavier was studying in Portugal at the time of Goa’s liberation and is now settled in Germany.
Besides garbage, drugs and sex on the beaches also acted as deterrent for the Germans who have changed their travel plans, revealed Xavier. Around 8,000 Germans visit Goa for holidays.
Goa has been grappling with the garbage issue and even though contracts are given to keep the beaches clean, the lack of seriousness on the part of the government has resulted in this issue not being dealt with very effectively.

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