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Finding my foothold in Goa

Athira Kulangarathodi - Junior Architect at Mystic Architects, Goa

Athira Kulangarathodi is a Junior Architect at Mystic Architects, Goa. She has pursued Architecture from Pillai College of Architecture, Mumbai. She is from Mumbai and has moved to Goa for work purposes. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at Why did you choose Goa?

Athira:  I have spent my entire life in Mumbai. It is overly crowded and congested. The density population there is higher than Goa. One can never see the clear sky, one will only find tall buildings there. I get to see greenery, open space, and feel free. The hospitality is commendable and the competition is much lesser than Mumbai. What difference do you see between Goa and Mumbai?

Athira: Goans are rich in culture. The houses and the architect are beautiful. They are caring and believe in maintaining as well as retaining their culture. They are deep-rooted to their authenticity. Life is slow and calm here. They’re content and happy with what they possess. Here, people value family time and believe in simplicity. However, places and resources are far so it’s a little difficult to manage sometimes. Mumbai is the complete opposite. People there do not have social and/or personal life. They rush every time. In simple words, there’s no “ME TIME”. Also, people do not help each other, unlike Goans. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Athira: I do not think the Government has responded quite well to the calamities that have happened or currently happening. Everything happens verbally, Indians do not get to see it being implemented. The Government is not transparent. Even during the pandemic, we got to see how weak the Government is. Politicians are accusing each other of not being accountable. Certain state Government has performed well though. How COVID-19 has affected your life?

Athira: There was a 6 months delay in my work life because of lockdown. My parents were supposed to move back to Kerala from Mumbai but could not. Mumbai was a hotspot and had been shut down completely. Goa was in a much better condition. How do you think Goa CM is handling the situation?

Athira: Goa has handled the Pandemic very well. Tourism is something Goa cannot stop because it is highly dependent on it. The facilities here were better than Mumbai. People are getting tested themselves whereas, in Mumbai, people are not getting themselves tested even when the symptoms are seen. The number of active cases in Goa is bigger because people are careful and tests are happening at an exponential rate. Mumbai’s active cases are not defined nor the people are careful. What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Athira: Goa is a good place to settle down. One can be self-employed here. But the drawback is one cannot scale up in Goa. One has to move out for bigger and better opportunities. But life here is simple, capitalistic. One can set up his own firm, can think of a secondary source of Income because people value their personal time and leave work on time.

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