Finding True Love!

I have often believed that you find true love while you are out searching for just about anyone to love.

Having found my true love, I think true love is a choice we make while we are still trying to understanding the feeling and the reasons for being in love with someone. It is a feeling of oneness. It is a feeling of coming together of two different parts of the same soul. It is a feeling of completion.

I was once told by a wise Aunt, that if you want to find true love, find a woman who loves you more than you love her. My startled reaction to such a notion was, “Should not I love her more than she loves me or should not our love be equal?” I asked curiously. To which my Aunt replied with a smile, “The fact that you know she loves you more than you love her will ensure that you will always strive to love her more. And she will then feel that you love her more than she loves you; she will strive to love you more. In the end, you both have so much love to give to each other, that enough will never be enough.”

I think it was wise to listen to my Aunt.

I am blessed have found true love, when I was busy searching for any love.

It is a wonderful choice to make to be with someone. To see the good, overlook the bad and embrace the ugly with love and kindness.

It is beautiful to care for someone other than ourselves. To smile when they smile, they be happy when they are happy, to be sad when they are in tears; to try our level best to bring joy and peace to their lives.
Life has a purpose. I believe that purpose is the love.

When you find your true love, that purpose is now a continuous journey filled memories of laughter, togetherness, some struggles but most of all each other and the love you share between each other. Then nothing in this world would ever matter because our journey in life have transcended beyond the confines of just love and fresh air but travelled into realms of oneness while being grounded in realism.

True love brings about changes within you.

You become a better person not by force but by choice. You choose to chisel your body, mind and soul to look beautiful for your beloved.

Being in love forever is not a passing feeling it is a conscious choice of togetherness. It can only happen if you find true love.

Stay positive!

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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