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Fines For Filing In Goa Without License

The Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), the agency that co-ordinates and licenses shooting in Goa has urged the government to enact a law providing action against those shooting in the State without the requisite permission from them.
ESG Chief Executive Officer Manoj Srivastava revealed that around 600 shoots are licensed by his agency in a year in Goa and added that an equal number of shoots take place without permission from his organization.
The ESG collects fees from the crew shooting in Goa and shares the revenue with the concerned village panchayat or municipality.

Srivastava argued that unless some law was enacted providing for fining those shooting without ESG’s permission, no action can be taken against these persons and such shooting without permission will increase in years to come.
Although ESG was expecting the bill to be introduced in the legislative assembly during the current session that has not happened despite two reminders from ESG to the law department that is currently studying the proposal.


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