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Fire Engulfs House at Cotigao

Mayawati Gaonkar, a widow from Yeda Cotigao in Canacona is a devastated woman has her house has been burnt causing a total loss of around  3,00,000 to her.

Besides the household items, around 25 bags of rice that was stored in the house from the harvest they had was also destroyed. Mayawati and her three children would have survived on this rice that they had toiled to cultivate.

More devastating is the fact that the gold ornaments Mayawati had prepared for her daughters’ to be given to them at the time of their weddings by slogging and saving pennies has also been destroyed.

The gold itself, comprising of chains, rings and earrings, was worth around  2,00,000 revealed Mayawati’s elder daughter Sudha even as Mayawati simply cried at her misfortune while confessing that at present she had only  600 with her and there were no savings in any bank as all the savings were invested in the gold ornaments.

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