Firefox Bikes Rekindles #EverydayAbility Campaign to Showcase the Potential of Persons with Disability (PWD) and Promote Inclusive Hiring

Firefox Bikes organized a wall-climbing activity at Arun Samant Climbing Wall in Goregaon, Mumbai​. The event witnessed the participation from Firefox riders and Persons with Disability performing adventure sports together. This event is the first of six events planned through the year 2018-19 as part of Firefox Bikes’ CSR program. The campaign is conceptualised by Volunteer4India and organized by Adventure Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF).



Firefox Bikes – #EverydayAbility campaign


Now in its second year, the #EverydayAbility campaign continues to dispel misconceptions surrounding Persons with Disability (PWDs), proving that disability is not an impediment to adventure. Through #EverydayAbility campaign, Firefox Bikes hopes to facilitate both systemic and individual change – for greater participation of PWDs in regular workforce.



Firefox Bikes – #EverydayAbility campaign


This year, Firefox Bikes will conduct #EverydayAbility events across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Delhi. These events would witness activities such as inclusive para-motoring, rock climbing, water sports, rappelling, and trekking. The brand aims to deepen its engagement with NGOs and social impact organizations working to empower PWDs in each of the cities, in the process engaging the Firefox Riders & Dealers in each city with this eye-opening initiative.


Commenting on the program, Aditya Munjal, CEO of Firefox Bikes said, “Last year’s resounding success of #EverydayAbility has given us the momentum to push forward with this iconic campaign.” He added, “We were overwhelmed to see the potential of PWDs during these events. I am confident that they would prove to be real assets if they are given opportunities to join regular workforce.


Leading by example, at the end of last year’s campaign, Firefox Bikes have hired Persons with Disability in their own workforce and will continue inclusive & diversity hiring across the organization this year. Through this campaign, Firefox will motivate their partners, dealers, and other corporates to consider inclusive hiring. This initiative has also introduced hiring practice training & process changes necessary for diversity hiring at the workplace for Firefox Bikes.


The #EverydayAbility series has previously taken place in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The unique initiative is conceptualized & managed by Volunteer4India, an online platform that seeks to create an ecosystem of co-working volunteers, corporates and educational institutions committed towards various social causes.  


#EverydayAbility is an initiative which hopes to build an ecosystem grounded in the principles of dialogue, acceptance, and equality of all. Through various events hosted across India, Firefox Bikes hope to facilitate both systemic and individual change – inclusive workspaces for PWDs while simultaneously fostering attitudinal change via conversations that shatter stereotypes. 


This collaboration between Firefox and ABBF is facilitated by Volunteer4India, an online platform that seeks to create an ecosystem of co-working volunteers, corporates and educational institutions committed towards various social causes. With Firefox and ABBF, they seek to facilitate long-term conversation between PwDs and able-bodied individuals through online platforms long after the end of the event. Given the shared vision and unwavering commitment of all three organisations, this collaboration could spark larger social change, one that mainstreams conversations about disability and allows PWDs to truly partake of inclusive and accessible spaces.


 About ‘Firefox Bikes’ 

Firefox bikes have introduced India to premium cycling experience. It is not so long ago that the brand came into existence but it has taken Indian consumers by storm in a short period of time. It has the full spectrum of mountain, all-terrain, road, BMX and kids’ bikes. It has got over 70 models selling across a combination of its owned Firefox Bike Stations and franchisee stores spread across the country.

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