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First Centre, Now Supreme Court, Parrikar’s Narcissism Grows!

In what is getting to be a clear state of political narcissism on part of the Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar after drawing swords at the Centre for mining mess in the state, he has now decided to blame the Supreme Court for the mining crisis in Goa.

Speaking at a state function yesterday, Parrikar categorically took it upon himself to caste aspersions on the highest judiciary office of the country stating, “I have strong objections to the Supreme Court ruling (referring to the ban on mining and transportation of iron-ore). They have created a mess In situations like this it is governments that have to deliver. And most often than the courts create the mess.”

He further went on to add that he has sent notices to all mining companies asking why money should not be recovered back and all them say that Shah Commission report is wrong. If government has to act it has to  look at the administration factors or mining companies can drag the government to court.

This however is not the first time Parrikar has criticized the judiciary in 2003 too he had made some condescending statements against the judges and had to tender an apology in the court.

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