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First Sri Ram Sena, Now Jalil Shaikh!

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Dr Wilfred Mesquita did tell media that as a party BJP will not entertain organisations like Pramod Mutalik’s Sri Ram Sena. But the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar choses to not comment on ‘altu-faltu’ issues such as Sri Ram Sena. However, a few days earlier when the issue just started getting heated up with several concerned citizens taking objection to the plans of Mutalik, the CM did tell certain section of the media, that it is the democratic right of any organisation wanting to set up base in Goa to be allowed too, but the government will intervene only it crosses the barriers of a law and order issue. This stance and his continued silent on this issue has left many Goans stunned because many believe it leaves this serious concern hanging without a concrete solution or decision on part of the CM given the tainted past of the organisation like the Sri Ram Sena and the trouble it could bring to the social and secular fabric of Goa.

Soon on this strange non-action of the government and BJP on the Sri Ram Sena, we have the Moti Dongor accused in the famous Margao swords case – Jalil Shaikh against whom and his other friends, the CM was to issue the National Security Act (NSA) for the anti-social activities happening in that area, being inducted into the party and is also making members on behalf of the BJP in Moti Dongor.

It may be recalled that Parrikar had released online a video of Jalil and his brother Bashir Shaikh having lunch with the former Congress Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and even gave it a terrorist connotation thereby implying that the Congress CM was breaking bread with a anti-social members. This fact was revealed to me by a senior BJP member from Margao. Even during the recent Goa Assembly Election this video made several rounds on the social networking site Facebook. So when the BJP takes a stance different from what Parrikar has been voicing about on the Moti Dongor miscreants. It raises a serious question on what is going on with the BJP and the government on anti-social elements like the Sri Ram Sena and now Moti Dongor anti-social elements.

While the BJP Margao unit claims to have nothing to with it. It does not change the fact that over the last couple of days, Shaikh and his people have been filing up BJP membership forms in Moti Dongor. In fact a resident at Moti Dongor told me that they were told to join the BJP by Shaikh’s men or their houses would be demolished.

According a senior leader of the BJP Margao unit, the books used by Shaikh and his men are not the books printed for the membership drive from the Margao office. But he could not explain, how Shaikh still had BJP membership forms book.

When Jalil Shaikh was contacted by GC team, he confirmed that he is indeen working for the BJP and that the BJP Bhai Naik had instructed him to assist in making members for BJP. That explained how he got the BJP Membership booklets.

BJP Margao unit is completely lost at words on this issue, since it has hit them by surprised. But when a senior BJP leader from the South says that the BJP general secretary is fully aware of the issue of Jalil Shaikh joining. It completely shocks you.

When I asked Narinder Sawaikar – the BJP General Secretary about the induction of Jalil Shaikh, he replied back with a SMS saying that appropriate decision will be taken.

BJP does not need the likes of Jalil Shaikh nor should it give room to the Hindu fundamental groups or any religious fundamental groups for that matter. It has the people’s mandate but sadly it is upsetting its own BJP people with its decisions on numerous issues as expressed by Calangute MLA Michael Lobo, who openly stated that his government is not working in the interest of the local Goans. And such ridiculous acts by the government and BJP is only raise suspicions on the intent.

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