Fish in the sky

Rare species, endangered species, critically endangered species, vulnerable species, all of them are being taken care of, until they are aquatic in nature, isn’t it! It becomes hefty and challenging to analyze the differences taking place in the marine life forms as we didn’t have much efficient ways to do so.

But with the invention of robotics and AI, everything seems to be getting in place. New Zealand is using drones to protect rare Maui dolphins. The Maui dolphin is critically endangered and currently, only 63 adults remain in the wild. It is present only in one small stretch of ocean off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island. The population of Maui dolphins has fallen drastically from 1500 in the 1970s to just 63 in 2021 due to overfishing and diseases like Toxoplasmosis.

These drones track them using AI gathering data on the dolphins and their habits. Now these drones can gather data without disturbing the animals flying 120m above the water. This new technology will help us understand with even more detail where they are, what more we might need to do to protect them and make sure we have got the right protections in place. Even the fishing companies have agreed to suspend activities around Maui habitats, which again have proved the empathy of organizations more towards nature rather than profit. If it’s a success, the technology could monitor other endangered marine life, like sea birds, turtles and whales too.

Looking at the drones, in the movements of fishes in the sky would give the picture and a perfect feeling as if fishes are flying high in the sky.

Author: Irashi Jha

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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