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Fisheries Jetties Being Upgraded

Four jetties of the Fisheries Department will be upgraded to have modern amenities making them comparable to the jetties world wide. The four jetties slated for the new look are the ones at Malim, Cutbona, Chapora and Cortalim.
West Bengal Fisheries Corporation (WBFC) that has been awarded the Rs. 2.35 crore consultancy project, has already started the work last month where they have been studying the activity at the jetties to prepare a detailed plan of what is required.

WBFC will then submit a report that will include techno-economic feasibility report, Environmental Impact Assessment report and also a report of the facilities that need to be set up or improved.
WBFC will also study if the Cutbona and Chapora jetties can be converted into mini-harbours as recommended by the Central Institute of Coastal Fisheries and Engineering. The other jetties are to be upgraded to enable them to host 20 metre long fishing boats.
Currently around 875 fishing vessels, most of which are around 18 metres long, are registered with the Fisheries Department of Goa and the average fish yield in Goa is around 95,000 tonnes of which around 15,000 tonnes is exported.

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