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Fishing Ban From 15th June

The administration will strictly impose the ban on fishing by mechanized vessels within the territorial waters of Goa from 15th June and the ban will be in force for 45 days.
To ensure that there is no violation of any nature, the Fisheries Department has decided to seal all the four important fishing jetties – Cutobona, Vasco, Malim and Chapora – till 31st July
Director of Fisheries S C Verenkar said the marine police would be roped in to tackle any violations by the mechanized vessels and added that even vessels from neighbouring states will be dealt with very strictly.

The stormy weather that gripped Goa from Saturday has forced many of the mechanized vessels to remain anchored.
The ban on fishing by mechanized vessels is enforced to enable the fish to lay their roe for multiplication as they breed during the monsoon season.
While earlier, roe laden fish were found in the market, after the ban has come into force, the number has reduced drastically, giving hope that Goa will not face a fish famine as threatened by the fact that every year, the fish catch is depleting.
While the mechanized fishing vessels are banned from fishing during the monsoon season, it is time for the traditional fishermen commonly known as ramponkar or magkar to earn a little extra as most Goans depend upon them for their fresh fish.
As the time nears for the lifting of the ban, there is a race between the mechanized vessel owners and the traditional fishermen to catch the prized solar prawns that are available only around that time.

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