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Fitness beats Pandemic

A pandemic disruption

And the world in tension

Ruined the world relation

The freedom in detention


The boffins baffled

The lives crumbled

The leaders fumbled

And the covid gambled


The psyche locked

The exit blocked

With the screen bonded

But the cure was not spotted


To beat the pandemic unseen

We carried out fitness to win

And nurtured our immune

But the battle is fought within


The lunges and the crunches

The nourishments and the nutrients

The only remedy could be seen

To beat the infection unseen


Being radiant being fit

Be positive, be confident

Are the mantras for the crisis

Because the life’s priceless


The time of cure to be evolved

Is a mystery to be solved

Till then beat the fear

And let fitness beat the pandemic

Amrah Shaikh

Amrah Shaikh is a student who studies in the 11th grade. She is passionately interested in writing and often writes on various topics.
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