GC Exclusive Karan Oberoi Fitness Interview: Fitness is lifestyle


The beginning of January usually sparks some reflecting off the past year and what people want to do differently in the New Year 2020. This means some people are hitting the gym to look perfect in the new year with the hopes of retaining the regime.

One India’s top male model Karan Oberoi talks about his Workout, Diet, Perfect 6 Packs and more…

GoaChronicle Executive Editor Myrtle Rodrigues caught up with the fit as a fiddle India’s top male model  Karan Oberoi (KO), who is also a brand ambassador of many fitness brands, to know what to keep in mind while setting 2020 Fitness Resolutions:

Leading male model Karan “KO” Oberoi is a handsome, fit, cute and has a dashing personality. Yes, it’s hard to fathom but this Fashion model – turned – Fitness model and maybe soon to be an actor, he is just slaying it year after year with his good looks, chiselled body and rock-solid attitude. In fact, when they start out, almost all gym trainers want to be like him and give their clients the hope that they too will be able to build a ‘KO like’ lean-yet-athletic physique, but sadly, it’s not really a cakewalk. For this male model it has been consistent – he literally goes to the gym every day without fail and makes sure he takes his 8 small meals during the whole day. He is so crazy about fitness that he literally treats his body as a temple.

GC: What does fitness mean to Karan Oberoi (KO)?

KO: Fitness means to me – a lifestyle that includes eating right, working out right and sleeping on time. We all need to understand to remain fit and healthy, there has to be a conscious effort that will come only from within. What I mean by this is, eating foods like green vegetables and fruits should give you happiness that ultimately reflects on your body and face giving that glow on your face.

GC: Does having big muscles are fitness to you?

KO: Not at all..fitness is more about how adorable you look rather than just muscular. Fitness to me is someone who might not have a  6 pack abs but still has perfect lean body that has to do more with the overall attraction. Nice skin and hard lean muscles looks much better than the bulky body and in fact they are also easier to maintain.

GC: What is the role of food in fitness?

KO: Foods plays a major role in fitness, in fact I would rather say if you don’t have much time to workout and have full control on what you eat, that can give you amazing results as well. Most importantly as I have mentioned so many times earlier is that we all need to fall in love with what we eat ultimately resulting in quicker outcomes.

GC: What is the Importance of rest in muscle building?

KO: Rest plays a very important role,  we all need to sleep on time to make sure we have adequate rest of at least 8 hrs daily. For all those people who are working and still want to have a body like a male model.

GC: Is it important to go to gym on the same time everyday, see what Karan Oberoi has to say?

KO: Yes, especially for people who have just started gymming, by going on the same time to gym everyday fixes your schedule and it becomes easier after a while as you cultivate that good habit. When your gym timings are different everyday it can be difficult to maintain the consistency. Moreover people who take caffeine or pre workout, they drink before the gym, they should always try to go early morning as while taking that in evening can hamper your sleep at night.

GC: How to have abs like male model Karan Oberoi?

KO: Running and cardio plays a major role in having abs and continuous running for hours helps you to shed the fat layer from stomach region where your abs rest. We all have muscles on stomach region that are known as abs, the only way to get them is by eating right food like taking high protein diet, eating less of foods like white rice, sugary and salty foods and doing a lot of running and abs exercises like leg raises and crunches.

GC: What is your workout schedule?

KO: I would rather define my workout as ever changing. As I have mentioned earlier in my interviews it’s important to keep changing your workout to get best results as body gets used to the same workout and stops responding. I some times do circuit training and then suddenly leave gym completely and start running on roads for 15 days so body gets a shock and in fact responds better.

GC: What keeps you motivated to be fit?

KO: Looking good is a motivation in itself, but apart from that, it is more of a habit for me now. It is part of my daily routine without which I feel incomplete. Also when you start getting compliments and people look up to you for advice, it motivates me further.


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